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[EBOOK] Eco-city Planning - Policies, Practice and Design, Tai-Chee Wong and Belinda Yuen, Published by SPRINGER

From the Kyoto Protocol. Copenhagen Accord to the current Cancún Conference in Mexico, international concern has been expressed on how best to combat global warming effects to achieve a more sustainable environmental development. Despite differences in commitments and responsibilities from participating countries, the common goal is to protect our mother Earth and our common future. As environmental sustainability becomes a core value of urban development, practising professionals in land use planning versed with ccocity planning ideals will have a great role to play and in contributing towards this common goal.

In this book, more than 12 leading experts, urban planners and academics have collectively expounded, shared their concerns and strategics on the new cco-city urbanism movement in our world today. It will be a “must read” book for a wide market spectrum, including city decision makers, academics and researchers, the public, private sector professionals such as planners, architects, engineers, landscape designers, geologists and economists, etc.

I read with interest the visions of eco-city and the emerging trends of tailor-made eco-towns and cities that are fast transforming scores of new cities in China, including Tianjin Eco-City development by the governments of China and Singapore; United Kingdom's plan to build 10 eco-towns across the country, and the world’s first ambitious multi-billion dollar carbon neutral city in Masdar, Abu Dhabi in the Middle East, etc.

As President of the Singapore Institute of Planners with an energetic and ambitious Council, I hope that we shall embark on more publications to showcase the excellent works of Singapore planners and those of the city-state of Singapore reflecting her great effort to build a sustainable and eco-friendly living environment. It is my great pleasure to present to you this book, which is comprehensively loaded with key aspects on eco-city planning. The book shares the W'orld’s aspiration in the search for a sustainable solution to the newly emerging urbanism towards building a better urban habitat.

[EBOOK] Eco-city Planning - Policies, Practice and Design, Tai-Chee Wong and Belinda Yuen, Published by SPRINGER

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