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[EBOOK] Agroecology and the Rural Landscape

Today, many of our agricultural practices are unsustainable. We exhaust the soil, we loose diversity through the use of mono-cropping and we introduce novel chemicals into our nature. These practices are often maintained by the argument that it is the only rational way to produce food for our ever growing population This project tries to challenge this position. It is done via a proof of concept farm, proposed 10 he an agricultural campus. It is a space for both learning and farming, but the practices are general and can be applicable in all farming. The project bridges landscape and building design territory and tries to find principles applicable to both.
This booklet is divided into two parts. Hl First a theoretical one. where terms and definitions are explained and the academical framework IS set. It locks at the problems facing agriculture today and establishes a main vision for the project, which is to scale up agroecology. It also provides some suggested solutions to the problems, including no-till and intercropping practices. 11 also looks al parcelling of agricultural fields and proposes a set of morphological principles on how to in the future shape the landscape. |ll| Secondly the Agricultural campus is presented. The program IS argued for and defined in a technical and spatial way. An argument is made an why rural buildings and farm buildings especially can be used as a reference for many different projects. After that, the different qualities of the building is further presented in plan, section and detail. Material qualities are presented in rendered perspectives.
Early sketch for the project
Notes on objectivity and academic rigour
Everything wrilten that is not explicitly a quote is in some way paraphrased or transformed by the author. Be It in semantics, prioritization or context. I acknowledge the complexity of the subject approached, and the reason far separate disciplines. This project attempts a synthesis between ecology, agriculture and anehnetlure. and this in the scope ot SIX weeks of a student project.

[EBOOK] Agroecology and the Rural Landscape

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